Meet and Greet

Traveling to the Arabian Peninsula? Our Meet and Greet service takes the hassle out of your trip. Our team of dedicated professionals will personally guide you through immigrations and customs and transport you via our luxury limousines to your final destination.

  • Sponsorship for Visit and Commercial Visas
  • Personal escort through Immigrations and Customs
  • Discounted hotel rates
  • Executive car service
  • Sightseeing tours
  • R&R destination vacations
  • Transportation to and from worksites including US Military Bases

At AGT we have a history of offering the best products in the most effortless manner. Our 18 years of experience in International trading has made us an expert in understanding our customer’s specific needs and providing End-To-End solutions. We are one of the most credible suppliers of products to the US Government, US Contractors and Industries in Middle East, Afghanistan and Iraq.

AGT is strategically located having a global reach and deals with some of the most advanced markets in the world. We trade mostly with China, Middle East, India, Europe and USA.

AGT takes pride in its team of motivated professionals who are committed to building a long lasting client relationship. Each business opportunity offers valuable experience and continuous improvement in servicing our customer’s specific needs, with a strong focus on quality.

The products/services we offer include:

  • Crude oil, Jet Fuel, Diesel and Fuel Oil etc., sourced from Middle East, South East Asia and CIS countries.
  • Lubricants, Grease etc., sourced primarily from Middle East.
  • Energy products like:

    a. Coal (Metallurgical and
        Thermal) from Indonesia,
        South Africa etc.

    b. Liquefied Natural Gas
        (LNG) from USA.
  • Bitumen & Bituminous products like Asphalt Cement, Cutbacks and Emulsified Asphalts.

Recycled scrap materials such as Metals , Rubbers , Plastics , Wood etc.

Relocation Assistance

Think of the last time you moved and compound that with international borders, language barriers and unknown laws/regulations. AGTUS Relocation Assistance Service can unravel all the red tape and ensure a smooth move to your new location. In addition to pre-departure /pre-move orientations, the AGTUS relocation specialists will guide you through:

  • House hunting and lease negotiations
  • Selecting the right schools
  • Finding places of religious worship
  • Introduction to local shopping venues
  • Social and leisure activities - beach clubs / restaurants / fitness centers

A minority woman owned small business.
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